Blind Veterans UK is aware of reports of an incident that took place when a group of our blind veterans and staff visited Tanyard Fisheries recently. We are carrying out a full internal investigation and speaking to Tanyard Fisheries to understand exactly what happened and resolve the situation as swiftly as possible. At all times our key priority is the welfare of our beneficiaries. We would ask people to refrain from posting any inflammatory comments about the situation on social media.







 We would like to address the current social media situation regarding the Blind Veterans UK.

The facts are as follows:

Before the group came to Tanyard Fisheries I had a telephone conversation with one of the support staff and explained clearly that our rules state that anyone fishing would need to pay. Support staff are allowed to tackle and bait up the rod and assist with landing a fish using the net. I also reiterated the rules once the group had arrived and one of the support staff agreed and paid for himself to fish and aide the veterans.

The incident, as witnessed by other customers was between the support staff assisting the veterans and myself the manager. The support staff in question was observed more than once using one of the Veteran’s rods, when approached by myself to explain the rules regarding fishing, the support staff was very dismissive, aggressive and refused to pay the ticket. After a short time, the support staff who paid for his ticket became angry and aggressive toward one of the Veterans, shouting and swearing abusively. After this second incident I approached the group and asked what had happened to which I was told there isn’t enough support staff so I said I would pay for another support staff member to fish and aid the other Veterans, this was refused with attitude and aggression saying he wouldn’t return to which I replied “you wouldn’t be welcome”

No Veterans were banned nor were they disrespected by any member of staff here at Tanyard fisheries. We have and never will discriminate against any disabled person.

Bernard and Sharon the owners had at no time ANY contact with the group on the bankside.

Tanyard Fisheries will not be making any other statements as we are taking legal advice to deal with this matter.


From the 12th June 2018 Anglers can use Mainline Braid on Specimen Lake 3 for the Catfish

To find out about catches, to send your pictures and to find out notifications come to our website or contact the fishery by phone 07833 532842, also pictures can be sent to this number via Whatsapp or Multimedia Message


From the 1st of March the 3 rod ticket will increase to £20 per person.

Welcome to Tanyard Fisheries

Tanyard Fisheries fished by Carl and Tanyard Fishery was created in 1987 by Bernard and Sharon Brown and features over 30 acres of stunning mature aquatic landscape. Tanyard Fisheries is made up of seven lakes: three general lakes, one Carp-free lake, and three specimen lakes. The lakes between them hold most species of fish including; Common Carp, Mirror Carp, Crucian Carp, Bream, Tench, Roach, Rudd, Pumpkinseed, Perch, Pike, Catfish, and Eels.

The fish at Tanyard Fisheries are kept in perfect condition and there are many specimen fish including Carp to 38lb+, Tench to 8lb 8oz, Bream to 7lb, Perch to 4lb, Catfish 70lb+, and Pike to 25lb.

The lakes and surrounding settings are well maintained and truley picturess, supporting a host of diverse wildlife. The grounds have a number of facilities including car parks, ladies and mens toilets with washing-up room and a Café with tackle/bait shop.

Tanyard Fishery is located at Furners Green near Uckfield in East Sussex.

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British Record - Pumpkinseed

 British Record Certificate - PumpkinseedPumpkin Seed pic

FACT: Tanyard Fishery holds the current British Record for Pumpkinseed held by Bill Rushmer at 14oz 4drams (400g).

  • Tanyard Fishery Lakes

    Set in 30 acres, Tanyard Fisheries is made up of seven lakes
  • Coarse Lake 1

  • Coarse Lake 2

  • Coarse Lake 3

  • Carp Free Lake

  • Specimen Lake 1

  • Specimen Lake 2

  • Specimen Lake 3

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Ticket Prices

    Day Fishing Tickets

    All tickets are Per Person No Concessions or Refunds
    1 Rod - £10
    2 Rods - £15
    3 Rods - £20
    3 Rods maximum per angler No booking required

    Night Fishing Tickets

    Arrival between 7am - 7pm on 1st day until 7pm the following evening (36hrs). Time and price are fixed.
    2 Days & 1 Night (36hrs) - £30
    Price is for 1 or 2 Rods
    Overnight guests pay
    same as ticket price -
    no exceptions
    3 Rods maximum per angler No children under 6 years overnight No booking required

    Extra Night Rates

    All prices are for 1 or 2 Rods - 3rd Rods are an additional £5 per day

    3 Days & 2 Nights - £45
    4 Days & 3 Nights - £60
    5 Days & 4 Nights - £75
    6 Days & 5 Nights - £90
    7 Days & 6 Nights- £105

    Please feel free to call us
    for a quote if you are unsure
    3 Rods maximum per angler No booking required
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    The hat's money can't buy!

    That's right, these unqique Tanyard Fisheries hats can only be WON by angler's who land a 35+ Carper or a 60+ Catter!

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    Angler Reviews

    • This is the best day ticket water I have ever been too in 50 years of fishing.
      Tony Himsworth
    • Thanks for letting us fish on your stunning fishery Wednesday night .was a real shame about the weather ..we will definitely be back .regards John
      John James
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